At Cultivating My Healed Mind, we specialize in tailored mental health services designed to address the unique needs of women. Additionally, we place a specific emphasis on serving individuals of color. We recognize many stressors in life, such as anxiety, depression, stress, work-related challenges, family relationships, and others. Our commitment is to assist both men and women attain balance, healing, and self-discovery. My Healed Mind is pleased to serve the vibrant communities of New York (N.Y.), Washington, D.C. (D.C.), Maryland (M.D.), and North Carolina (NC.). We dedicated efforts to making a positive difference in these communities and ensuring people can access the required assistance.


We envision a society in which every person, regardless of background, has the chance to live a life brimming with mental and emotional wellness.


To remove the hurdles that prevent people from seeking help and provide clients with personalized mental health services that enable them to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience so that our clients can truly become the best versions of themselves.


Empathy & Compassion

Empathy is the foundation of adequate mental health support at My Healed Mind. We work hard to understand our customers' distinct experiences, feelings, and issues, approaching each person with respect, patience, and a nonjudgmental attitude. We stand by them, unyielding in our compassion, offering support and understanding at every step of the way, ultimately establishing a strong and empathetic bond. Empathy allows us to provide personalized care while creating a safe, open communication and healing environment.


We encourage and empower our customers to find the inner strength and fortitude they need to face and conquer life's obstacles. The road to mental wellness necessitates bravery and resilience. My Healed Mind is committed to providing individuals with the skills and support to nurture the courage to heal and grow.


At My Healed Mind, we’re all about embracing diversity. We warmly welcome individuals, men, women, and people of color, especially from all walks of life. We aim to make everyone feel comfortable and understood, regardless of their background. We cherish each person’s unique experiences and perspectives in our community. We’re here to provide culturally sensitive care that respects your individuality.


Integrity is the foundation of our practice. We commit to providing honest and ethical mental health care. Our commitment to honesty, secrecy, and moral standards guarantees our clients receive the best treatment possible, creating trust and confidence.

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My Healed Mind's heart and soul is Nakia Watson. Nakia has over a decade of experience in mental health as a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Bachelor of Social Work from North Carolina A&T State University and a Master of Social Work from Hunter College in New York. Her journey has given her a deep awareness of the intricacies that people, particularly women, face on their route to wellness.

In her spare time, Nakia finds peace in nature, the thrill of dancing, the discovery of new recipes, and the healing power of music. These encounters broaden her viewpoint and add to her all-encompassing approach to mental health. Nakia is a firm believer in the potential of mindfulness methods. She uses grounding, deep breathing, and guided meditation to help clients deal with various psychological pressures. This approach, combined with her unshakable empathy, teamwork, and active listening abilities, equips her clients to face their difficulties headon.

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